Search Dogs Sussex

SDS is a voluntary organisation whose primary function is to provide nationally qualified search and rescue dog teams that can respond to search and rescue emergencies to search for and recover those who are missing, vulnerable or in distress. They support Sussex Police throughout Sussex and the UK.

West London Business

WLB is a leading business network uniting corporations, small and medium enterprises and public sector institutions located and operating in West London.

Maya Irgalina

Maya Irgalina, piano

The official website for the London-based pianist Maya Irgalina who performs solo, partners with singers, and chamber musicians, and is a regular soloist with orchestras. Web design and development by Anastasia Witts.

Art Song Augmented

Art Song Augmented

An online forum devoted to art songs by underrepresented composers whose music has been marginalised. Commissioned by the University of Oregon. Graphic design by Anna Degoeva, web design and development by Anastasia Witts.

AltPitch Festival

AltPitch Festival

An online arts and technology festival. The website is the core element of the project where all commissions and applications are rated by the audience. Web design by Anna Eyubova and Anastasia Witts, programmer Ivan Kozlov, project producer Anastasia Witts.

ECO Action Network

ECO Action web presentation

ECO Action Network located in the coastal town of Eastbourne in East Sussex campaigns for turning Eastbourne carbon neutral by 2030. Web design by Anastasia Witts.

Fran White

Fran White web presentation

Personal branding and a website for the Sussex-based artists Fran White. Graphic design by Anna Degoeva, web design and development by Anna Eyubova, Anastasia Witts.

Venera Gimadieva

Venera Gimadieva web presentation

Artist Digital provided a branding package, a website and full digital media support to the international soprano Venera Gimadieva between 2014-2020. Graphics & web design by Mikhail Kvirch, project producer Anastasia Witts.

Women Song Forum

Women Song Forum

WSF is an online forum devoted to women’s voices in song. It unites academics and musicians from all over the world and was commissioned by researchers from the University of California. Graphic design by Anna Degoeva, web design and development by Anastasia Witts.

Jocelyn Freeman

Jocelyn Freeman

Jocelyn is a pianist and a music event producer. She needed a project on a budget with a chance to update it independently. Web design and development by Anastasia Witts.